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Buying a memory foam topper is an excellent way to see if you like sleeping on memory foam, without breaking the bank.

Chances are if you like sleeping on a memory foam topper; you will also like sleeping on a memory foam mattress.  Only a few years ago, you could go online and shop for a memory foam topper and you’d have only about 8 or 10 to go through.  It wasn’t that hard to make a decision and most of them were relatively good quality…But all that has changed, so stick with me and you’ll discover how to quickly eliminate 90% of the memory foam toppers and get right into choosing from the cream of the crop.

Are you familiar with memory foam topper density?

Most people aren’t aware that there are different densities of foam, yet it’s one of the most crucial elements in making a decision about which memory foam topper to buy.  The density of the memory foam will play a huge factor in how long your memory foam topper
lasts.  A memory foam topper that’s made from 2 pound to 3.5 pound density memory foam will only last a couple of years, at most, and many will wear out in 10 months or less.

Memory foam density determines the amount of support you get, especially in your low back.  If the foam isn’t dense enough there will be no low back support, to speak of, and you’ll probably still wake up with a sore back.

Next, you need to check the dimensions of the memory foam topper you’re looking at to make sure it’s really the size that’s being advertised.  Many mattress toppers that are being advertised as king size or queen size are actually up to 8 inches narrower and 6 to 8 inches shorter than standard mattress measurements.

Check the package for the actual dimensions to determine if you’re getting a real king or queen size.  This will keep you from sleeping off the edges of your topper or from your feet hanging off the end.

The standard dimensions of mattresses are as follows:

Twin 38”x75”
TwinXL 38”x80”
Full 54”x75”
Queen 60”x80”
King 76”x80”
Cal King 72”x84”

If the mattress topper matches these dimensions, you are getting the standard size memory foam topper and it should fit closely to the size of your mattress.  Don’t worry about an inch or so of difference when you’re placing the topper onto your mattress because it isn’t like a piece of wood, so it will stretch or shrink a bit.

The other thing you have to watch for is when the memory foam topper is advertised as being a 4” memory foam mattress topper but when you inspect the box a bit closer, you find that there is only a half inch or one inch layer of memory foam glued onto a 3”
piece of base foam.  This is not a true 4” memory foam topper.

It’s only part memory foam and the rest is a cheaper base foam material.

Okay, I told you, at the beginning of this review that there is one ACID TEST that will help you eliminate about 90% of the memory foam topper products on the market before you spend any time checking all that other stuff we’ve covered up until now.

That ACID TEST is: What country was the memory foam topper poured in?

This question is the first, and most important, question that you must ask about memory foam.  If the answer is anywhere other than the United States, you’ve just eliminated that memory foam topper and you can move on to the others.  You see, memory foam that is poured in foreign countries can contain all kinds of chemicals that are not allowed to be used in the U.S., so knowing the country is critical in your decision.

Chinese foam, especially, is known for containing CFC’s, PBDE’s, Formaldehyde and any number of other chemicals that are known to cause harm to your body.  Sleeping on a memory foam topper made from that stuff is more like sleeping on a toxic waste dump than on a memory foam topper.  This causes the mattress to, not only be unhealthy, but it can make it sleep hot, stink like Limburger Cheese and be too firm for comfort.

When we first began dealing with memory foam, in early 2002, we were talked in to buying a mattress which had been shipped in from China.  When we opened the package, the smell was really strong but we were told that the smell would go away in a few days.

We put that memory foam mattress into our showroom and it stunk up the whole showroom so bad that customers wouldn’t stay in the store more than a few minutes.  We decided to put it into the store room to see if it would stop stinking but after another two weeks we just threw it into the dumpster.

Since that time there have been a few manufacturers, in China, who have made some decent products but since there isn’t much, if any, regulation, you still don’t know what you’re getting.

memory-foam-topperRemember we also talked about the density of the memory foam?  Well, foreign manufacturers often place clay additives into their formulas, to give them a falsely higher density rating, so you can’t even trust the density marked on the package.

Adding these clay additives completely changes the formulation of the memory foam and causes it to break down in just a few years.

The foreign poured memory foam topper might be cheaper to buy but it will cost you a lot more in the long run.  I hope you’ve enjoyed this short presentation and that you’ll keep these points in mind when shopping, so you end up buying the best memory foam topper.

Why you might want to consider a memory foam topper from the Charles C Harmon Co. because every memory foam topper we make is:

  • made with your health in mind only using American poured memory foam
  • made to provide best support and long life with 4 lb or 5 lb density memory foam
  • made to give you value for your money, only pure memory foam; no layers of base foam
  • made to give you more sleeping area, made within one inch of standard mattress dimensions
  • made for your peace of mind; CertiPur.US certified

The Charles C Harmon Co has been in business since 1969 and we started in the mattress business back in 1996, selling adjustable beds, with in home appointments.  Even though adjustable beds were state of the art at the time, nothing was to change the way we viewed a good night’s sleep like the advent of the memory foam topper.

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